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I am Kevin Moore raised in the tropical Caribbean island of Antigua, where land and sea makes beauty. My love for the beaches brings peace and tranquility to my soul.

I am a 2200 hrs certified massage therapist. The passion I have for helping people gives me the drive I need in order to promote healing in the lives of individuals. I am on a mission to specialize in massage therapy, which fuels my passion to provide an enthuse and unique ability to deliver the best results based on the client’s needs. Additionally I have worked closely with the clients so I can respond to their specific needs.

I strongly believe that massage should be an integral component of your active lifestyle. Wether you want to boost your immune system, detoxify your lymphatic system, improve your athletic performance or just relieve the stress from living in a big city. Massage can be a priceless rehabilitation for a healthier you. I can offer a perfect combination of therapeutic and relaxation massage along with a bit of foot reflexology in order to obtain the peaces and tranquility you so deserve.

I am inviting all to spend a little time on yourself and experience true euphoria as the world revolves around you for a moment in time. I strive to deliver what you expect and what you deserve, and I strive to deliver it each and every time. 

I am licensed with CRMTA (Certified Registered Massage Therapist Association) and able to issue receipts for all insurance companies.

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